Lab Setup

Setting up an advanced lab gives you the flexibility to cope with dynamic changes in the industry while protecting your bottom line. Whether your lab requirement is permanent, or temporary to cope up a short-term workshop, setting up an advanced lab is a great solution. Always expandable, always available, the lab is always ready to hit the imparting of knowledge running. The lab will also help in branding of the college and keeps the college ahead in terms of infrastructure.


The VR laboratories will serve as application for education, learning and training any area of human endeavour. The development and use of VR laboratories will increase student engagement, add realism to instruction, promote mastery and understanding of basic principles, augment laboratory experience, and encourage inferential and exploratory learning. Thus, VR offers to bring exciting possibilities, which were once considered science fiction. Since VR is a good medium for illustrating concepts that have been covered elsewhere, and for presenting three-dimensional objects and relationships, therefore the action and immersion of VR will improve long-term retention of material.



IoT Lab developed by Code Shastra supports a lot of features which enables the young innovative students and teachers to explore different aspects and develop new applications and prototypes in this field. Sensors are the building blocks of IoT which can collect parameters and low power wireless embedded systems transmit information to gateway devices connected to the Internet. Codeshastra’s IoT Lab Kits comprising of Microcontroller devices, Wi-Fi modules, Sensors, Relay modules along with all the necessary hardware and software components form a perfect platform for students to study and explore these technologies with the help of possible list of experiments and documentations.