How innovation can confine the spread of COVID-19

As the world is battling to adapt to COVID – 19, governments overall are chipping away at lockdowns to diminish and inevitably take out the infection normally. Curiously, governments are currently going to innovation like never before, to discover conceivable arrangements that can help limit the spread of COVID-19. The outcomes, in addition, have been preferring, no doubt. A few accessible and rising advances have made it conceivable to improve and constrain the spread of COVID-19.

We took a gander at different innovation arrangements from everywhere throughout the world that are being utilized to control the episode – from conveyances to following, to remote working, to instruction, and so forth. As indicated by WEF, 191 nations reported or executed school or college terminations as of mid-April, in this way affecting 1.57 billion understudies prompting colleges and schools moving their courses and classes online with the utilization of innovation. Innovative arrangements are ending up being basic in the manner governments are taking care of the pandemic and in this manner it is imperative to comprehend the different arrangements that are being actualized, and how.